For more than 30 years, Dialectic has worked with unique architectural designs. This expertise means we can provide a variety of commercial lighting service options. We’ll help you create the right lighting design, regardless of the project’s size and scope. We create successful lighting designs thanks to collaboration with our project partners. Together, we refine product selection, placement and use. The final result is lighting that is completely natural for the space.

Improvements in energy codes, lighting fixture design and control requirements make it more important than ever to approach lighting – and lighting controls – as a fully integrated system. Our engineers design our systems to function on multiple levels to meet building codes, aesthetics and performance.

Dialectic creates interior and exterior lighting projects for different categories of spaces. These include retail, education, restaurant, commercial and entertainment, among others. Our experienced team designs energy-conscious, cost-effective plans for each project. By working collaboratively with our project partners, the final design is a blend of the client’s vision and the designer’s expertise.

The space could be a parking facility or sports venue. The project may be a full lighting scheme or emergency exit lighting. No matter the project, Dialectic designers can illuminate your space with creativity and precision.

Commercial Lighting Design Services

      • Interior and exterior lighting design and documentation
      • Interior and exterior lighting controls design and documentation
      • Emergency egress calculations
      • Energy code documentation
        • ASHRAE
        • IECC
        • Title 24
        • FLACOM
        • Washington State
      • Lighting design energy code review
      • Lighting design review

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