Commercial kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering design is a huge part of creating a successful commercial kitchen – whether it’s a retrofit or a new build. Each kitchen layout has specific equipment requirements to suit the type of cuisine. The production of the food determines equipment relative to location and space. Energy source, equipment size and ventilation needs play important roles as well. These requirements drive the MEP designs for systems like:

      • Exhaust ventilation
      • Cooling and heating
      • Make-up air
      • Plumbing
      • Power
      • Lighting
      • Water use

At Dialectic, our engineers turn all these parts into an efficient whole thanks to collaboration. We work closely with the client, food service designer, architect, structural engineer and other project partners. The objective is to prevent these disparate teams from becoming segregated. When we work as partners, the function of the kitchen is coordinated and not compromised.

Dialectic has provided flexible, inventive and sustainable commercial kitchen MEP solutions for over 30 years. We can design for any space and all requirements. Our focus is efficient MEP plans that meet technical specs and the needs of those who work in the kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen MEP Design & Engineering Services

      • Kitchen hood application
      • Make-up air and outdoor air optimization
      • Pollution control solutions
      • Adaptation of kitchens in existing buildings
      • Energy studies for optimum heating and cooling sources
      • Grease waste solutions
      • Cold and Hot Climate HVAC
      • Electrical Prefabricated Panel Wall systems
      • Prototype development for optimum cost of construction
      • Lighting design
      • Service size optimization

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