Our Services

Our Services

Dialectic is a full-service mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering design and consulting firm with diverse clients and projects in multiple industries such as retail, restaurant, education, entertainment-theaters and commercial spaces throughout the United States. 

Recently we realigned our approach to MEP projects. We focus more on communication and collaboration with our clients and projects partners that include architects, structural and civil engineers and contractors. We want to know what our clients know from the project conceptualization, so we can understand the nuance and intent of the design better. Through this active, effective communication with our clients and project partners, we can ensure project success. 

This approach also holds true for specialized services we offer our clients. Though we are generally focused on MEP design, we also offer the strengths of our expert design staff separately from and to augment our MEP design. These services are especially suited for discerning clients with projects of limited scope.  

These specialty services include:  

Lighting Design

Clients receive cost-effective lighting solutions from our certified lighting designers, who have extensive manufacturing and pricing experience. We have the expertise to provide lighting design for various spaces include parking facilities, sport venue lighting, emergency egress and exit lighting, general illumination with daylight harvesting, building façade lighting and retail product display lighting.

California Title 24 and Other Sustainability Codes 

We provide prescriptive or performance calculations for California Title 24, California Green Code, as well as other energy and sustainability codes and standards. We provide this service to clients throughout the U.S.

Energy Modeling 

We can implement building material trade-offs using energy modeling that may allow materials with characteristic that fail to meet the prescribed energy standards, to pass overall energy requirements. For example, this can be helpful in certain circumstances when clients want the look of a particular exterior vision glass, or skylight that does not meet prescribed solar criteria. We can provide this service as part of a project or separately through an energy consultation agreement. 

Field Data Collection Surveys

We specialize in recording architectural dimensions, and conducting surveys of a building's structure, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. We can also provide building code abstracts obtained from environmental health departments, the fire marshals, planning and zoning commissions and codes administrations. 

Systems Integration 

Our expert control-design specialist and low-voltage wiring designers can develop customized solutions that use a graphical user interface to integrate multivendor products. These include HVAC temperature controls, lighting controls, card access systems, power monitoring and analysis, integrated fire alarm systems and emergency power back-up systems.

Construction Phase Services 

Dialectic can act on behalf of the owner as a liaison with the contractor. We offer construction monitoring to ensure contractor installation conforms to contract documents and industry standards, preparing punch lists as required. Our engineers can also provide functional testing and operations validation for controls, especially important in mission critical systems and life safety systems.  


Dialectic Services:

•  Lighting design, interior & exterior 
•  Sustainable design 
•  Commissioning
•  Peer review 
•  Prototype plan development & review
•  CalGreen review & documentation
•  Title 24 review, compliance documentation & energy modeling
•  Green Globes
•  Energy audits
•  Photometric calculations
•  Building system evaluations 
•  Building envelope calculation & optimization
•  Life cycle cost analysis
•  Systems integration (building automation)
•  Systems validation
•  Green plumbing design
•  Building information modeling (BIM)
•  HVAC systems design with specialties include displacement ventilation, UFAD, VRF, central cooling plants
•  Waste, vent, domestic water & compressed air systems
•  Natural gas & propane systems
•  Storm water systems, including siphonic drain systems
•  Medical gas piping systems
•  Power distribution
•  Emergency power systems
•  Fire sprinkler systems
•  Fire alarm systems

Exceptional Service 

We're delivering an environment in engineering where exceptional quality, technology and customer service are the norm. Our firm is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

About Dialectic

Since 1988, Dialectic has been dedicated to deliver innovative mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering solutions at its finest. Our firm has MEP design experience in retail, restaurants, education, entertainment, commercial, sustainability, energy codes and much more. Through its affiliates, Dialectic is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia: LBI Professional Engineering LLC, LBI LLC, LBI of NC PLLC, Dialectic, Inc. (KS) and Dialectic Group, Inc.