Our Experience

Our Experience 

Since 1988, Dialectic has been providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering design services nationwide. We are a full-service MEP design and consulting firm with experience across many industries with diverse types of projects including retail, restaurant, education, entertainment-theaters, commercial spaces and more. Dialectic is known for our wide use of innovative technologies for HVAC, indoor air quality and water efficiency. Many projects take only a few days to complete, which requires extraordinary organization, efficiency, communication and commitment to the client’s business. 

Our Approach

At Dialectic, our approach to MEP projects is different. We focus on communication and collaborations with our client and project partners that include architects, structural and civil engineers, and contractors. Through active, effective communication with our client and project partners, we can ensure project success. This design process enables the architect and owner to experience more control with few surprises and cost overruns than other design methodologies. 

Engaged in Thinking

Everyone at Dialectic is dedicated to creating innovative MEP engineering solutions. Our experienced designers are engaged in thinking about design and how it affects the user of the space. We share knowledge of and incorporate the belief of increased occupant comfort, decreased maintenance, and reduced energy costs will present the client’s project in literally the best possible light without compromising the bottom line. Dialectic is where design modifications and unique processes are routine. Our design teams embrace challenges and our finished projects are functional and operations are simple.

Environmentally Responsible 

Dialectic's designers are recognized for highlighting the importance of environmentally responsible design.  We see multiple ways to achieve sustainability whether we're improving lighting efficiency with strategies that exceed energy code specifications and maximize flexibility, designing higher-performance HVAC systems that feature improved air quality and green refrigerant alternatives, or specifying plumbing fixtures and water heaters that consume less water and reduce standby losses.  Our team of MEP designers provides sustainability at its best. 

Exceptional Service 

We're delivering an environment in engineering where exceptional quality, technology and customer service are the norm. Dialectic is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 



About Dialectic

Since 1988, Dialectic has been dedicated to deliver innovative mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering solutions at its finest. Our firm has MEP design experience in retail, restaurants, education, entertainment, commercial, sustainability, energy codes and much more. Through its affiliates, Dialectic is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia: LBI Professional Engineering LLC, LBI LLC, LBI of NC PLLC, Dialectic, Inc. (KS) and Dialectic Group, Inc.