There’s no doubt about it — solar panels are a wise investment for businesses wanting to save money while doing their part for the environment. As industries seek eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels, solar power has become increasingly popular. Here are just a few reasons why going solar is a smart choice.


  • Reduced Energy Costs: Electricity costs can be notoriously difficult to predict, and with demand constantly rising, a sharp increase can have a major impact on the bottom line. Solar panels help reduce energy costs by generating electricity from the sun. They also require little maintenance, saving time and money.
  • Environmental Benefits: Solar panels promote sustainability and help produce clean energy, which decreases air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Tax Breaks: Many states offer rebates to encourage businesses to adopt renewable energy sources. Along with tax incentives, the ability to sell excess electricity back to the local utility company provides capital to offset the system cost.
  • Increased Property Value: Solar panels increase property value by appealing to more buyers via an eco-friendly stance.
  • Competitive Edge: In today’s increasingly conscious marketplace, going green can give businesses an edge. A commitment to sustainability can help increase consumer loyalty and promotion, as well as potentially lead to new business partnerships and opportunities.

Consider the following before going solar:


  • Size: The size of your property will determine the size of the system you need.
  • Location: It’s important to confirm that there is enough sunlight exposure so the solar panel installation is worth the investment.
  • Cost: Solar panel installation can be expensive, but financing options and tax breaks may be available.

Switching to renewable energy through solar panels can be a cost-effective and beneficial business move. At Dialectic, our mechanical and electrical engineers are experienced in design, development and testing to streamline the process — and get businesses powered faster.


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