• Designer: Travois
    Cedar Hills Housing Development

    New Mexico

  • Designer: Travois
    Cedar Hills Housing Development

    New Mexico

  • Melrose Hall - William Jewell College

Multifamily living is new and exciting. Whether it’s student housing, senior living, assisted living, apartments, condominiums, or a combination, residents have discerning tastes. They want a sense of home, great amenities and community spaces.

Today’s multifamily buildings often include amenities like:

      • Fitness facilities
      • Comfortable gathering areas
      • On-site spa/health club
      • Advanced business services
      • Co-working spaces
      • Innovation centers
      • Pet services/areas
      • Children’s services/play areas
      • Whole-apartment smart systems
      • Security systems
      • Sustainable green initiatives

Whether amenities are inside a housing unit or in a common area, none are possible without expert mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design. That’s where Dialectic comes in.

Our designers pay careful attention to detail. We communicate with our project partners to provide flexible, advanced and sustainable engineering solutions that support the unique qualities of each project. This close collaboration helps us understand the goals for the space. And it helps us create MEP designs that provide luxurious comfort, convenience and amenities.

Some of our projects are improvements to or adaptive reuse of existing buildings. Others are renovations of historic buildings. And still others are new construction. No matter the situation, Dialectic engineers have the experience to provide innovative MEP designs to suit.

More multifamily buildings are part of mixed-use developments. Our MEP engineers’ expertise with restaurant, office, hotel, theater, retail and educational spaces comes in handy. We have a global perspective for building use and potential complementary functions. This insight helps us best optimize MEP systems to suit the needs of the overall project and the residences it supports.

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