• Alamo Drafthouse


  • Designer: JKRP Architects
    Flix Brewhouse

    New Mexico

  • Designer: JKRP Architects


  • Designer: JKRP Architects
    Flix Brewhouse


Modern entertainment venues are spectacular. Sports arenas, amphitheaters, casinos, movie theatres, bowling alleys, arcades, go-kart tracks, zip line courses and game centers are just some of the dazzling options vying for a customer’s leisure time.

Owners and operators need spaces that are functional and easy to operate and maintain. But the venues must also promote the brand image and deliver memorable experiences.

For over 30 years, Dialectic has understood that careful attention to detail, modularity, scale and location are critical to mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design. Our MEP designs are the backdrop of the customer’s good time.

Whether the project is an update to stay competitive, a brand-new development or a retrofit, design for entertainment spaces is complex. Unique architectural designs feature the latest amenities for customers – but they also require zoned power, intricate lighting, multiple kitchens, controlled acoustics and more. Our designers consider every aspect of a project, from cost effectiveness and sustainability to state and local building codes.

Our MEP engineers’ collaborative approach shines in multifaceted projects. Our cross-disciplinary design teams easily collaborate with project partners. This ensures that every aspect of a space is considered every angle. The result is a creative, adaptable MEP design that enhances the entertainment experience.

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