Your Pipeline to Success: Dialectic Intern Program

At Dialectic, we know firsthand the value an internship can provide for young and aspiring engineers. We offer the following internship program tracks: 

  • Electrical Intern 
  • Mechanical Intern 
  • Plumbing Intern 
  • Business Information Modeling (BIM) Intern 
  • Project Management Intern 
  • Business Development Intern 

Our internship program extends from early June to mid-August, and includes: 

  • 40-hour work weeks 
  • Office hours from 8am-5pm 
  • Tasks and compensation vary depending on program track 
  • Perks such as lunch-n-learns, snacks and beverages, and intern-mentor company events 

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College Recruiting Schedule:  

  • UT Austin Career Fair: Sept. 7-8
  • K–State Social Event: Sept. 13–14  
  • KU Women in Engineering Dinner: Sept. 20  
  • KU Career Fair: Sept. 21–22 
  • Missouri S&T Social Event: Sept. 26 
  • Missouri S&T Career Fair: Sept. 27 





Our interns loved Dialectic so much, they sought full-time positions!


What type of projects were you able to work on as an intern that were special? 

“It was nice to be able to do projects that full-time employees are doing. It really helps the transition from intern to full-time because I feel like I’ve started right where I left off. I didn’t have any nerves on the first day because I knew exactly what was expected and the way that everyone worked in the company. It made the transition super easy because by the time the end of the internship rolled around, I was doing projects that a full-time engineer would be doing.” 

– Hannah Engelland, Architectural Designer 


What makes Dialectic stand out to you? 

“They treat me like I’m a person. I have a 3-year-old at home and if she is ever sick my boss encourages me to take a day off or work from home. There isn’t pressure to be in the office until I need to be in the office. He has been amazing about saying, ‘Take the time that you need and do what you need for your family. We’ll be here when you get back.'” 

– Abby Radmanesh, Electrical Designer 



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Did you apply to Dialectic with the idea of becoming a full-time employee? 

“I’ve always gone in with the intention of going full time if given the opportunity. I knew it would make an easier transition coming out of college. At K-State, the career fair is usually filled with companies with dull PowerPoints answering questions, and on the next day you sign up for an interview. But Dialectic is different. Their “presentation” was going bowling, and no one ever does that. You got the vibe from the first impression and the interview that Dialectic is chill.” 

– Kayla Huffman, Mechanical Designer 



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