Our Story

Letter From Our CEO

No one knows more than me, how far this company has come.

When I first started this company 28 years ago our name was Larson & Associates and I was the only employee. My first office was the laundry room in my house. My goal at the time was to create a company that delivered a better quality product. As time went on and I added more employees, I decided to change our name to Larson Binkley Inc., to show our strength in the numbers and to highlight our electrical design. Soon we moved our office space into corporate America. I remember not long after our move, we bought a CAD computer. It cost $6,000 with all the accessories, 30MB of storage capacity and a floppy disc. Back then, CAD was a tool to enhance the design. We still did most of the drawings by hand. Oh how things have changed. Today, we need all the power we can get—so along with improved CAD, now we create in 3D design.

Through the years as Larson Binkley grew and expanded in our innovation of creative MEP design and sustainability, we knew our corporate America office space did not reflect us...not anymore. We were changing, we were pioneering MEP designs and we were beginning to find our voice as communicators.

So we decided to move to the Crossroads, the mecca of creative thought.

We hand-wrapped this on paper. Some of us remember that—today it’s a lost art but, we’re trying to bring that back—back in a different way.

I used to say it was computers killing engineering. Now, I believe email is killing engineering because it’s not a form of communication—it’s one-way. By definition, Dialectic is the art of investigating or discussing the truth of options—an inquiry into metaphysical contractions and their solutions. Dialectic represents how we are moving forward, how we work in collaboration and how we work with our clients. We want to communicate and find solutions with our partners during every phase of our projects.

Not only does our name now reflect how we work with our partners, it reflects all of our employees and the fact, each one of us has a different background, personality traits and knowledge. Collectively, together we are Dialectic. Collectively, together we’re challenging our industry. It is the culmination of everything Dialectic stands for…what we have achieved.

Our continued growth, our ability to change and adapt has and will helps us move forward into the future. As a company we’re not strangers to new beginnings.

I don’t think I’m the only one to see where we’re heading. It’s a new way of engineering.

 - Chris Larson, Chief Executive Officer & President


About Dialectic

Since 1988, Dialectic has been dedicated to deliver innovative mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering solutions at its finest. Our firm has MEP design experience in retail, restaurants, education, entertainment, commercial, sustainability, energy codes and much more. Through its affiliates, Dialectic is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia: LBI Professional Engineering LLC, LBI LLC, LBI of NC PLLC, Dialectic, Inc. (KS) and Dialectic Group, Inc.