EV Charging Case Study — Confidential Client

Locations: U.S.

Services: Mechanical and Electrical


In an effort to increase its sustainability measures, a confidential retail and technology company began plans to electrify its delivery fleet. With a fleet in the tens of thousands and deliveries that run day and night, the company knew that an electric vehicle (EV) charging strategy would involve significant upfront work.

Due to an extensive history of successfully partnering with Dialectic, the confidential company sought out the Dialectic team to verify its existing engineering plans and execute the infrastructure implementation.


The Dialectic team began this long-term project by working with the confidential company to review the existing engineering plans. Together, the team developed a power calculation method to determine the appropriate size of electrical service needed. By calculating the total and demand load, in partnership with local utility companies, the team helped revise and optimize aspects of the EV charging design already in place.

With updated plans approved, Dialectic is working alongside other vendors to ensure the EV infrastructure installation, plug-and-play solutions, and Title 24-compliant design are employed effectively and efficiently. This immense project required a wide range of services, including design of the electrical distribution and conduit layouts of commercial parking lots for future installations. The team also worked with vendors to provide prefabricated solutions to existing sites for rapid procurement and installation.


Dialectic is delivering mechanical and electrical services to improve and implement the confidential client’s EV charging plans for its expansive delivery fleet. Due to the success of the ongoing project, Dialectic has been able to use that experience to help other clients in their EV charging approach.

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