Case Study — Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh C-Stores

Locations: U.S. Midwest

Services: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing


For its Fast & Fresh convenience stores, Hy-Vee needed a large number of locations built across several Midwest states that would offer services and amenities at a competitive advantage. The project required a tight timeframe, with about 50 store locations needing to be serviced with MEP engineering design in three months.

The MEP needs for Hy-Vee’s Fast & Fresh convenience stores were advanced because the locations planned to provide several elevated amenities, including kitchens for serving food on-site. The inclusion of kitchens required elevated MEP services due to additional heat, grease exhaust, piping and drainage requirements.

The project’s architect sought out Dialectic’s services due to its reputation for quick turnaround on project delivery — as well as its experience in designing prototypes that fit several store locations while remaining customizable, depending on location and unique requirements.


Prior to the Hy-Vee partnership, Dialectic had experience with similar prototype projects for convenience stores. After consulting with other stakeholders, the engineering firm designed a universal prototype that would fit the stores’ MEP requirements. Some of the locations’ individual designs were customized or tweaked based on unique needs.

Dialectic opted to prioritize an entirely electric-based approach for its MEP operations, rather than gas-based, to save on both energy and costs. Through a consulting process with the client, Dialectic was able to forego high costs that a gas-powered approach would have required.

After the planning process, Dialectic was able to coordinate with general contractors and four different construction teams to ensure that the locations’ MEP designs were implemented efficiently and within the scope of timeline and budget.


Dialectic was able to deliver on a number of store locations that provide a fresh and elegant convenience store experience, including on-site cooking and dining. Due to the success of the partnership, Hy-Vee has planned to engage Dialectic for a 100-store program for next year.

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