Company statement on COVID-19

Dialectic continues to monitor COVID-19 around the clock under our Executive and Project Management teams, and we have proactively responded as a company, with compassion for those who may be affected as well as an abundance of caution to limit the spread of the virus. We initiated our disaster recovery operations on March 12—a management decision made days before the national and local requirements. We felt that protecting our staff, families and communities from the spread of COVID-19 was prudent and made an immediate positive impact. We’re also taking measures to ensure continuity of business is not negatively affected.

 On March 12, with everybody’s health in mind, we implemented work-from-home strategies for our employees. We haven’t experienced any impact or interruption to our business, nor have we experienced degradation to customer service due to COVID-19. Employees are required to access the company network through a VPN, and security standards at our data centers and security operations remain high.

 We recognize many of our customers depend on us for their own mission-critical operations, and we take our commitment to providing highly available and secure services seriously, especially in times of uncertainty. We maintain a very robust business continuity strategy. Our custom in-house project management system is uniquely designed to manage workflow remotely, and we have been able to work without disruption. In fact, many of our clients have moved non-Dialectic projects to us because our competitors are unable to perform satisfactorily.

 Remote work practices are part of normal business operations for many of our employees, and they’re proceeding with business as usual to maintain all key customer service and product functions. Unlike our competitors, Dialectic has long supported remote, secure and flexible working arrangements. This business as usual approach ensures we have the technological capability, experience and established work culture to deliver, despite physical distancing.

 We are blessed that Amazon, Apple and some of our other clients are seizing this opportunity to grow their businesses, increasing activities in this unprecedented situation—although not all of our clients have been so fortunate. Our project backlog continues to grow as we enjoy the third-best first quarter in the company’s history. We have increased our recruiting activities in anticipation of continued growth. Dialectic is healthy and up to the challenges ahead.

Dialectic continues to provide the best engineering services in our sector, and our confidence is high. We look forward to continuing to support our employees, clients and community in the days ahead.




Gregory D. Trees

Chief Executive Officer