Retail Client Impacts 2016 California Title 24

On January 1st, 2017, the California 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES) becomes effective, replacing the 2013 version of the standard. California is striving for all newly constructed commercial buildings to be zero net energy (ZNE) by 2030. Several changes will have a substantial impact on remodel and new-construction retail projects. These changes impact building envelope, HVAC systems, indoor lighting levels, lighting controls, and exterior lighting. The purpose of this document is to identify those changes in the BEES that have the largest impact on retail construction.

How to Use This Document
This document is not a comprehensive analysis of all of the changes to the BEES. Rather, it is meant to serve as a guide to identify those items that we believe may cause the highest cost and/or largest fundamental changes to national retail client prototypes and standards. When appropriate, commentary on the impact for retailers is included.

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