Putting environments at your fingertips

A meeting room is a microcosm of its host, the building, whether it is a restaurant, a hotel or an office complex. The lighting, HVAC, A/V, electrical availability, plumbing requirements for the meeting room are connected to the MEP building systems that make the building and the meeting room functional and comfortable – or not. The ‘or not’ often depends upon the adjustability and response of the systems.

Imagine you are having a meeting at a local restaurant or hotel in one of their meeting spaces and you need to adjust the music volume, temperature, lighting, the projector, or the projector screen. With hesitation, you approach the great “wall-o-switches,” hoping to make the needed adjustments without plunging the room into darkness or blasting everyone out of their seats with an incorrect volume knob turn. It is a haunting memory for meeting leaders and participants everywhere.

Now, imagine a different, more seamless experience. You are having a meeting and need to make room adjustments and you approach an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly touch panel about the size of an iPad that will interface with the HVAC, lighting, and audio/visual equipment provided in the meeting space. Your adjustments are made stress-free. While each system operates independently, the systems applicable to that meeting room can now be managed through the technology of a user-friendly touch panel with ease.

Darden Restaurants, a Dialectic partner, expressed interest in an innovative all-in-one touchscreen interface for their private dining rooms. They introduced us to the Nomad Group and their new BaseCamp product. We love it when a partner who shares our passion for top-notch customer experience shares design technology to boost customer experience!