Construction site assessment services help keep projects on track. At Dialectic, we provide these services and recommend site visits before, during and after a project. This ensures the initial vision shared by our clients and project partners is realized.

Prior to space selection, site assessment can help everyone understand the site in preconstruction. This process can help determine:

      • If the site will meet the project requirements
      • How much work it will take to complete the project
      • If the scope of the work is in the proposed budget

This thorough assessment provides information that could otherwise go unnoticed or not be considered during the initial design process. A smart site assessment leads to a smoother design phase. In turn, projects see fewer change orders, corrections and rework during construction.

Checking progress against mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) designs during construction can save expensive rework and construction delays. When problems are identified early, project partners can address concerns to the satisfaction of all parties. Site observations identify issues early and minimize impact on operations.

Post-construction assessment ensures that the space works as intended. This step verifies MEP systems have been installed properly and completely. System testing before the building is put into use ensures end users will find the comfort, function and safety they expect.

Throughout our 30 years of working on a variety of projects, Dialectic has protected our clients’ budgets and timelines with site assessments. We can review MEP from start to finish with:

      • Selecting the right site
      • Assessing existing site conditions
      • Observing MEP construction
      • Testing HVAC
      • Ensuring plumbing and electrical system operation and performance

We collaborate and communicate with all project partners. This means we can immediately resolve any issues that crop up. Site assessment services help our clients keep their MEP design intact and budget under control.

Site Assessment Services

Site assessment services

      • Feasibility assessment (prior to acquisition or lease)
      • Preconstruction site assessment
      • Site survey
      • Post-demolition site survey

Construction administration services

      • Site observation
      • Below-slab observation
      • Interim (rough-in) site visit and observation
      • Substantial completion assessment
      • Warranty walk-through

Post-construction services

      • Functional performance testing
      • Commissioning
      • System validation

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