Fire protection is critical to prevent property destruction. Designing an effective fire protection system requires coordination among architectural design, fire protection design and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design. Dialectic offers fire protection in addition to MEP. That means we can take advantage of the natural coordination that happens when the designers all work under one roof.

Fire protection systems need to work with and around all MEP systems. Sprinkler systems are supplied with water directly from the plumbing system. The electrical notification system ties directly into the fire suppression system. The HVAC and lighting systems can impact the placement of sprinkler heads and pipes. All of these parts must work together.

The fire suppression designer needs to work closely with the MEP designers to ensure that the fire suppression system functions properly. Cost savings, time savings and more integrated designs are results of healthy interdisciplinary collaboration.

Meeting or exceeding code requirements and passing inspection with the local fire marshal are critical tasks in fire safety. Fire codes vary by location, as local jurisdictions frequently amend national codes for their specific area. Dialectic has worked all over the country and is licensed in 50 states and the District of Columbia. No matter the location of the project, we have experience with local codes for new construction, site adaptions and remodels.

Fire Protection Services

      • Code analysis and interpretation
      • Construction administration
      • Criteria drawings
      • Custom sprinkler riser diagrams
      • Fire hydrant flow test
      • Hydraulic calculations
      • Plan reviews
      • Site investigations
      • Sizing of fire pumps and water tanks
      • Sprinkler head layouts