Growing cannabis in an indoor facility requires highly specialized conditions—the correct temperatures, ventilation, lighting, humidity and moisture levels.

Grow Facility and Retail MEP Design

With a dozen cannabis-centric buildings under our belt, Dialectic has been on the cutting-edge of designing cannabis facilities and their retail locations—even before legalized cannabis production and sale became more mainstream. We have mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering design experience in servicing buildings that prioritize the best possible growing conditions for your crop.

Whether purposed for medicinal or recreational use, indoor cannabis spaces can benefit from an experienced MEP engineering team designing around their facility needs. We know the ins and outs of what’s required for growing a high-quality and consistent product, whether it’s the various rooms needed for each stage of cannabis growth or the necessary HVAC systems, equipment and controls. With that expertise, we offer professional, informed solutions to help maximize your ROI.

We know that like any other type of plant cultivation, growing cannabis is its own art form. That’s why our MEP designers are meticulous in providing for the needs of a cannabis facility.

Want to learn more about picking an experienced MEP partner for your grow facility? You can do so here.

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