Waterless Urinals – Maintenance is Required

  • photo: uridanaustralia.com.au

Think about those two words for just a couple of seconds. Even if you’re a woman and won’t ever be using one, think about it. We believe most people’s first response is “Eww”. Then they may think “Yeah, they probably save water” quickly followed by “But I bet they stink.” And they are right on both counts!

Waterless urinals can save water and when there are problems, they stink, big time. The impression they can leave on your customers when they fail is far from how sustainable or green you are; it’s closer to “Gross!” Waterless urinals work in one of two ways. Either the “fluids” pass through a one-way valve or an oil seal is used. Most have a deodorizing feature, usually a disposable cartridge that requires regular maintenance. However, odor becomes a big problem when the deodorizing cartridges wear out or the oil seal fails. They must be changed on a schedule, before they fail, to avoid an unpleasant experience. However, doing so is an unpleasant and often difficult task for maintenance workers, so it is often ignored until there are complaints.

So, think carefully before installing that “oh-so-green” waterless urinal that you’ve heard will be so good for your bottom line and the environment. These days consumers are evaluating their entire experience in your establishment, not just how friendly their customer service was or how good their food tasted. Memorable experiences stick with a consumer for a long time, good or bad.

Who knows, the experience your restroom provides could be the one that causes your customer to form a lasting opinion about your store or restaurant. Choosing a waterless urinal for your establishment is a lot like adopting a pet. You can’t just walk away from them after they are installed. They require a lot of care and responsibility!

Are you up for it?